• Character,  Write Your Life With Grace

    Gratitude is a Choice

    So much to be grateful for! I’m grateful there is a break in the rain and the sun is shining. I’m grateful that we get a chance to slow down a bit. I’m grateful that we as a society have a chance to push the reset button on some of the ugly ways we behave and do business. I’m grateful that we get to reflect on our personal core values, what really drives our decisions and behavior. I’m grateful that in stressful situations there is a side of me that is activated, a side I only see in high pressure places, and I get the opportunity to work on the areas of me that are not so great. I’m grateful for technology so we can be separately together. Character only has value in an opposite situation. Without a stress point, or a weight to pick up, there is no need for strength. In fear there is faith. In hate there is love. In tragedy there is joy. And in the dark there is the Son. I’m grateful we get to choose our character. What are you grateful for today?